Monday, January 25, 2010

Michael Lynche American Idol - Big Mike Lynche Out of Leaked Top 24

Michael Lynch American Idol or better known as Michael “Big Mike” Lynche, has been allegedly kicked out of the leaked list of American Idol 2010 Top 24 Finalists who survived the Hollywood round. This is because Michael Lynche's father violated a confidentiality clause when he excitedly announced to a local newspaper (The St. Petersburg Times in Florida) that his son has been chosen as one of American Idol 9's Top 24 contestants!
Michael Lynche American Idol

This is so unfortunate for Michael Lynch American Idol contestant! If you can recall, Mike's brother Marque Lynche also qualified up to the semifinals in 2004. It is part of the confidentiality agreement of American Idol that the singer/contestants and their immediate families must maintain a hush-hush environment about their status in the competition until the broadcast of the show. Oh well, let's bid better luck next time to Michael Lynche!

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