Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tasha Layton American Idol Baby Baby Baby

Tasha Layton was the first female who got the golden ticket in the American Idol Los Angeles audition. She sang her version of the Joss Stone song "Baby Baby Baby". What's unique about her is that she's a personal assistant by day and a minister by night.
Tasha Layton American Idol Audition Baby
Simon laughed off after she sang because he feels that when she gets the golden ticket for the Hollywood round, she'll break into "Oh Happy Day". Anyway, it's nice to see Katy Perry on the judge's table. Unfortunately, Tasha Layton did not make to the American Idol Top 24 Leaked List. Nevertheless, nothing is final until it's aired on TV.

See Tasha Layton American Idol Audition Baby Baby Baby below:

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