Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aaron Kelly American Idol February 24 Here Comes Goodbye

Aaron Kelly is kind of the "David Archuleta" American Idol Season 9. He's 16 year old and wide-eyed, kind of nervous. Aaron sang "Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascall Flatts
Aaron Kelly February 24 Here Come Goodbye
Of course, judges love this cute boy with cute boys. It's a way to get tweens to watch this show! Simon said: ”It actually was quite a good performance…you look as if you are embarrassed to be there…you have to take control of the song…absolutely you will be here next week.” Kara agreed by saying: “You have no idea what your talent is…I like the pop country lane for you… I think you did a great job… We’re going to see incredible things from you.” Randy thought that Aaron Kelly has "a huge voice" and that he's a big fan. Watch Aaron Kelly's Here Come Goodbye performance below:

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