Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tim Urban American Idol February 24 Apologize

Tim Urban, the Chris Golightly replacement in American Idol 2010 Top 24, chose to sing OneRepublic's "Apologize". I think it was a train wreck... bad falsettos and forgotten lyrics. Simon Cowell could not even hide his frustration as he said that making him go home (after the first 24 contestants with Chris) were chosen was right.
Tim Urban American Idol February 24 Apologize
All other judges agreed with Simon. Ellen DeGeneres said that "none of it worked” and she said that Tim "couldn’t hit those high notes.” Everyone agreed he’ll get votes because he’s just "cute" and not because he's a good singer. Tim had an excuse as the song was a last minute switch. Anyway, just look at Tim Urban shirtless photos and you be the judge if you want him in or out.

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