Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lacey Brown Voted Off American Idol 2010 Top 12

Lacey Brown from Amarillo Texas was voted off American Idol Top 12 tonight March 17 2010. Along with Lacey in the Bottom 3 tonight were Tim Urban and Paige Miles. Although the judges had the power to save her, they decided to pass. Lacey sang "Love Story" to convince the judges to save her.

Lacey Brown Voted Off American Idol Top 12

During Lacey Brown's final performance, it was apparent that she's having a bad time. Her voice was a bit shaky that may have cemented the judges to decide not to save her.

You can read our live blog - American Idol Top 12 Results March 17.


  1. Poor Lacey fell victom to racism again on american idol. Not by the show itself but by the american people. The blacks and mexicans struck again by voting in two subpar performers. Paige is no way as good as Lacey. Andrew Garcia sucks but hes being voted in by the latinos. This is not a singing competion anymore.Its americas way of supporting there own. ( Just like the blacks had never had a turn out for a presidential election ever in this country, as when Nobama was elected). Probably why Simon is leaving after the season.

  2. I am glad Lacey Brown got voted off. She is my least favorite contestant of season 9 and my third least favorite finalist in American Idol history.

  3. i loved lacey she was talented Paige is noooooo where near as talented and neither is Garcia..but then again i dont thing that Tim Urban is getting in cause of his voice as much as teenage girls find him attractive. Lacey was original and different just had a rough week..


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