Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol Top 12 Results March 17 - Live Blog

It's the moment of truth for the American Idol 2010 Top 12. Everyone is thrilled to know who got voted off/eliminated from the American Idol 2010 Top 12. Who will be in the feared Bottom 3 tonight? Another thing we should look forward to is American Idol 7 winner David Cook gracing the results show.

American Idol 2010 Results March 17 Top 12
Just keep posted in this space to get the latest about American Idol 2010 results March 17. We will be live blogging the outcome of who will be kicked off tonight.

Ryan Seacrest greets everyone Happy St. Patrick's Day and introduces the judges.

Simon Cowell confronts Ryan about yesterday's eyeballing. Then, he announced the unanimous ability of the American Idol judges to save one contestant up until the Top 5 is revealed.

David Cook jumpstarts the show singing Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash".

The Ford commercial show was shown. Wow, Tim Urban is driving the car. They are throwing colored dyes. Casey James is not in the commercial because he said he's got flu at that time.

Dim the lights and Paige Miles is called. Ryan announced that she's in THE BOTTOM 3! We're in the right track in our prediction.

Lee Dewyze is safe.

Siobhan Magnus is expectedly safe. Watch Siobhan Magnus Paint It Black.

Aaron Kelly is safe.

Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia are called. Who will be in the Bottom 3?

Whoa, Andrew is safe. Tim Urban is in the BOTTOM 3. We didn't expect that.

Ryan is interviewing Tim Urban and Paige Miles. Who do you think will occupy the last seat in the Bottom 3? Paige Miles says "I Love You, Tim!". We love Tim Urban Shirtless! Ha!

Orianthi is now on stage singing "According To You".

Didi Benami is called next. She sang "Playing With Fire" yesterday. Aaaand she's safe.

Crystal Bowersox is summoned by Ryan next - Crystal Bowersox March 16 You Can't Always Get What You Want. Crystal is , of course, safe.

Katie Stevens - Kara Dioguardi is having second thoughts that she can be the next Idol. Nevertheless, Katie is safe.

It's Big Mike Lynche's turn. He's also safe.

Casey James is safe and the last seat in the BOTTOM is occupied by Lacey Brown.

Tim Urban is declared SAFE. Woot!

Ke$ha is in the house to slightly delay the voting off process. She sings "Blah Blah Blah".

Paige Miles is safe.

Lacey Brown is in danger. I doubt if the judges will save her. She will be going home!

The judges decided that Lacey Brown is to be kicked off American Idol Top 12.

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