Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lorenzen Wright Missing - Desiree Jennings Cheerleader with Dystonia

NBA player Lorenzen Wright played 13 seasons with the NBA. Today, his loved ones does not have a clue of his current whereabouts. In Collierville Tennessee, authorities have assisted the family of this Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player.
Desiree Jennings with Dystonia
Nobody is yet sure where Lorenzen Wright might be. Many analysts insist that something not good might have happened because Lorenzen did not do well with his transition of being out of the basketball court recently. In fact, his house is being foreclosed and that it might lead them to something that Lorenzen Wright might be hiding to find solutions to his financial misfortune.
In another update, the story of Desiree Jennings has been featured in 20/20 last night. She is a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins. Desiree has been not in her element lately because she acquired a strange disease called dystonia. This condition she acquired caused her to experience body aches, frenetic moves and trouble in judgment where she cannot even add numbers like first grade students can.
What is more curious about Desiree Jennings is that dystonia made her speak in a different accent. She now speaks British accent which is odd because she is from the Midwestern portion of the United States!
There has been accusations that Desiree Jennings is just faking everything. However, the cheerleader denied that she was a hoax.


  1. There is actually something called foreign accent syndrome, look it up. The news spun that to make her look like a liar. Imagine the damage her recovery would do to the Big Pharm industry? BILLIONS of dollars lost. That will never happen. Fruad, esp. medial insurance fraud is illegal. You go to jail for that. If it was a hoax, why isn't there an investigation and jail time? Balloon boy pulled a hoax which cost money, he's in jail. Never trust mainstream media, Big Pharm or the government. Period. Also, Dr. Novella is conveniently from Yale, home of skull and bones, and head of New England Skeptic Society.


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