Thursday, January 20, 2011

Facing Oiliness in an Instant

Oily FaceAfter an 8 hour day's work, you just feel greasy all over. Yes, with the hot climate in Manila coupled with all the grime you collect while shuttling to and fro the office would easily summon a nasty feeling of oiliness especially on your face. Oiliness that can't be easily washed off by ordinary soap and water. It's just that the greasy feeling has been "stickied" like Post-Its in your computer monitor.
There's no denying that shiny, oily faces would ever look good on anyone, unless you're hawking cooking oil or something. No matter if there are obvious perks of possessing an oilier skin type, such as having healthier and wrinkle free skin, being less prone to sun's damage and all that jazz. Oily skin can still lessen your confidence if you're at the office or facing a client in a meeting. Thankfully, there are products now like noevir, which can be a lifesaver when you're as greasy as a pot roast plate. Take for instance, they have an oil absorbing sheet that can be an immediate wipe-out solution for that oily face. You just get one piece and gently pat it down on your nose and you'll be oil free in an instant.

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