Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Rid of that Stress Monster

aromatherapyWe have heard all sorts of lowdown on stress. All things boil down to stress can be unhealthy and it can definitely bring out something ugly - whether on your face or on your attitude towards other people. Why would you be expected to exchange niceties when your back hurts and you're feeling awful all over? In times like these, it will be better off to take a break than to become someone who everyone hates.
A nice massage from a reputable spa can be expensive and time consuming. Well, for me, I would just need some fresh air. Just to breathe in and out without thinking of all the drudgeries at work. Scented candles can also help. It is already a proven fact that these things can have therapeutic effects that can ease off mild headache and mental stress. A great thing about it is that odors can change people's behaviors. I especially prefer the smell of the sea so this Ocean Bar from scentsy can be a great idea to keep it handy at the office. The scented candles nowadays do not have to be burned out for it to emit its sultry aroma. You can just have it on display and the scent will last you for months. Pampering yourself a little would surely cast off the stress "monster" in you.

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