Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goonch Catfish - See Monster Goonch Catfish Photos!

Goonch Catfish is a mutated fish found rivers in the India-Nepal border that has been known to prey on human victims. These Goonch catfish started its human diet after it had grown accustomed into eating corpses that people throw into the Indian river after Hindu funeral ceremonies. See more Goonch catfish pictures after jump
Goonch catfish monster on the Indian river
British biologist Jeremy Wade first made a TV documentary of the Goonch catfish after a 17 year old Nepalese boy was bitten off by this monster fish as he took a dip in the river to cool himself due to extreme heat. With the scientific name of Bagarius yarelli, the British biologist found that the Goonch catfish can grow in weight from an average of 100 pounds up to 250 pounds.
Goonch Catfish in Nepal Monster Goonch Catfish

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