Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson Last Rehearsal Video

AEG Live released a short one minute clip of Michael Jackson's last rehearsal for his "This Is It" concert, which is supposed to run on July 13 in London's O2 Arena. In this video taken from Staples Center, you can see Michael Jackson performing "They Don't Really Care About Us". It appears that he's a bit slower than he was ten or twenty years ago, but still Michael Jackson is in his element with no semblance of debilitation from any sickness. This actual rehearsal was two days before Michael Jackson died.
Michael Jackson Last Rehearsal Video
Some people think that he's lip-synching in this number, but it appears that he's really using his voice in this one. Incidentally, Michael Jackson will be back on Staples Center on July 7 for his public viewing and tickets to this will cost $25. Watch Michael Jackson last rehearsal video below:

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