Thursday, July 2, 2009

Infinite Quest John Edward - Psychic Launches His Own Website

The web offers you just about anything and now it can even make you talk with loved ones who are already on the "other side"! Famous TV psychic John Edward recently opened a new website Infinite Quest ( that offers metaphysical assistance to everyone. John Edward gained fame through his TV show Crossing Over with John Edward, which enabled audience to communicate with their dead loved ones. John Edward should not be confused with John Edwards, who was a former senator from South Carolina.
Infinite Quest John Edwards psychic
Anyway, Infinite Quest will dabble about afterlife, astrology, numerology, reincarnation and many other things metaphysical. The website require you to sign up in order to participate in discussion about these matters and John Edward seems to entertain healthy skepticism. Oh well, I guess Michael Jackson fans might just want to flock in this website to ask messages from their departed idol.
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  1. I went too see you in the helix in Dublin on the 11th of september I thought you were good. I would like too get a reading with you some time.

    Lisa Deehan

  2. Hi there it’s look like very cool,your collection is so nice.


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