Saturday, November 8, 2008

Luis and John Lloyd To Star in a Gay Movie

It's confirmed! Luis Manzano gave his nod in portraying his first gay role in a movie starring his mom, Vilma Santos and John Lloyd Cruz.

Well, it's about time that Star Cinema will dish out something new on its roster of quality movies. Instead of producing such shameful film titles before like Tong Tatlong Tatay Kong Pakitong-Kitong (My Three Fathers Who.. I don't know how to translate that!) and Haba Baba Doo! Puti Puti Poo! (Long Chin Doo! White White Poo! --?), Star Cinema is about to produce a much-awaited film comeback of Governor Vilma Santos, which incidentally has a dominant gay theme. Star Cinema has always been too safe in the past years because perennially aims at earning big-time at the tills, with most of its movies ranging from heavy drama to romantic-comedy.

Anyway, the movie is to be directed by Olivia Lamasan, so one can expect it to be beyond good. With both actors portraying their first gay roles, the scenes will definitely be something to look out for because it will challenge both actors' feminine side. Publicity feeds say that the film will not only show a gay kissing scene, but also a love scene. The movie will start shooting in February next year, where some scenes will be shot in New York.

The movie has no title yet. So, I'm giving out the top five worst possible movie titles for this Vilma-Luis-John Lloyd starrer:

5. Lloydie and Lucky... Happy Together!
4. Sister Stella L. and the Sisterettes
3. Broken Marriage Meets Brokeback Mountain
2. Darna at Bading

And the worst possible movie title for this Vilma-Luis-John Lloyd starrer is...

1. Bata, bata... Paano ka naging bakla?
Translation: Child, child... how did you become gay? (Duh! How do you expect me to translate that in English? The English title of "Bata, Bata... Paano Ka
Ginawa" was simply "Lea's Story")    

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