Thursday, February 12, 2009

Felicia Barton Snatches Joanna Pacitti's American Idol Top 36 Spot

It might not just be Tatiana del Toro who's giddy with exuberance and excitement after all. It turns out that Felicia Barton (photo above), 26, who's both a mom and bar singer has all the reason to rejoice to high heavens. Barton auditioned in Louisville Kentucky and she got the slot left by Joanna Pacitti. Joanna was later found to be "ineligible to continue in the competition" because of impropriety.

In their American Idol website, under the names of the 2009 Top 36 was this: "[EDITOR'S NOTE: It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition. AMERICAN IDOL contestant Felicia Barton has replaced Ms. Pacitti as part of the Top 36]."

Many speculations have sprouted from everywhere because Joanna has a standing record deal. This might have been the cause of the dispute why AI producers have chosen to disqualify Joanna Pacitti. Here is Joanna's audition video:

It has also been revealed that Felicia Barton, the replacement, has been a contestant last year but did not make it through the Hollywood round.

As the American Idol 8 continues to brew, many scandalous lives of the contestants will be opened and thus we should always be ready for shockers anytime.

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  1. Wow- you dont have all your corrert info. Felicia is not a bar singer- although she does occasionally sing at a club or bar. She is a worship leader in Virginia Beach and a wonderful mom. She tried out for AI last year but didn't make it. This is the first year she made it to Holleywood and she is AMAZING!! Go to youtube and see her videos signing on the boardwalk in VA beach! Give her a chance to sing and she WILL impress you!

  2. the judges seemed to be keen on keeping Pacitti around, so why not keep her on the show? the show seems to thrive on scandal anyway...


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