Thursday, February 12, 2009

Worms in the Brain Scare - How Did They Get There? (Video)

We've heard worms coming out of our intestines, but worms in the brain? That's more of a scary thought that is like straight out of a horror movie. However, it happens in real life! A mother of four from Arizona, Rosemary Alvarez got the shock in her life when her doctor told Rosemary that she had a brain tumor. After the operation, her doctor did not find any tumor but it's a worm feeding off on her brain cells!

The condition is known as neurocysticercosis (often misspelled as "neurocystisarcosis"), a common parasitic disease of the central nervous system. Varied clinical manifestations occur, due to deposition of larvae of the parasitic worm that is found in cerebral parenchyma, meninges, spinal cord, muscles, eyes and skin. The eggs of this parasitic worm is everywhere, like bathrooms, soil and even in food like raw pork. Many people have been diagnosed to have this disease already.

This parasite can be prevented from entering your system by washing your hands thoroughly with soap when eating and ensuring that you're eating well-done pork. The doctors revealed also that when going outdoors, be sure to have an alcohol handy so that you will not have these parasites eating off part of your brain! Simple hygiene in everyday life will save you, plus make sure pork meat is cooked -- that's just about it and you will be spared from the scary worms!

Here's the shocking video of the mother who had worms in her brain. Please be advised that this video contains graphic images:

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  1. What the hell is retaurants from developing countries got to with that worms anyway are they different from us developed countries in terms of sanitation?

  2. @anonymous

    Well, I think these worms got nothing to do if you're from a developed or developing country. You won't be spared if you're not careful. What matters most is that the food you're eating should be free from germs that might cause you to grow worms in your brains. Just wash hands and eat no raw meat. That's just it.


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