Saturday, February 14, 2009

KC - Piolo "Lover's in Paris" Fake Music Video

It's another case of uncontrollable over excitement and imagination rolled into one. Everybody's so excited that a creative fan chopped scenes from the Paris TV special of KC Concepcion and some parts of Piolo Pascual's movie Dreamboy and... voila! They labeled it the new music video of the upcoming teleserye in ABS-CBN - the Pinoy version of the hit Korean series Lover's in Paris.

Of course, this video had mixed reviews because KC still has a movie being shown with Richard Gutierrez. Recently, the GMA-Regal produced When I Met U received a Grade B from the Film Ratings Board (FRB), where the producers will have a 50 percent tax rebate. That's great news because it will invite more viewers to see the KC-Richard starrer because the FRB certified that it is a quality movie.

Piolo and KC rah-rah boys and girls will have to wait for KC Concepcion to finish the promo for When I Met U before they can indulge in their excitement for the ABS-CBN produced teleserye. You will have your turn eventually.

Here's the fake video of Lover's in Paris:

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