Saturday, February 14, 2009

American Idol 8: Last Year a Stripper, This Year An Ex-con

Enough of Joanna Pacitti saying bye-bye to her Idol dreams as she was replaced by Felicia Barton, it's Jessica Langseth's turn to steal the spotlight.

Remember last year when a male contestant (the third David - David Hernandez) had photos of him distributed over the Internet while h worked as a gay stripper? This year, we have an ex-convict as TMZ revealed that Jessica Langseth, a 26 year old native of Minneapolis was charged with DUI (Driving Under Influence) and was actually incarcerated for 4 days and was put under probation for 2 long years. TMZ learned that her probation was ruled out unexpectedly last December -- and that's why we see her scot-free singing her heart out for American Idol 8.

Jessica Langseth auditioned in Kansas City, Missouri and is rumored to be a "planted" contestant as she is the sister of the blues singer Jony Lang. Before American Idol, Jessica Langseth was known as Jesse Lang who already won Best Female Vocalist in the Minnesota Music Awards last year. Obviously, Jessica just changed her hair and she thought nobody would recognize her.

Here's here video:

Let's have more American Idol 8 secrets revealed as the TV show heats up!

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