Friday, February 6, 2009

Kian Kazemi Disappoints Cristine Reyes

Kian Kazemi has been in the news lately because he revealed to the press that he's courting Cristine Reyes. However, the rising young sexy actress did not like Kian's admission about sending flowers and cake to her. Cristine said that if Kian's intentions are for real, he doesn't have to file a press release about it.

Anyway, Kian is part of the Eva Fonda cast. He is also one of the trippers in the travel show Trip na Trip seen every Friday after Bandila. Aside from showbiz stints, Kian is also a budding businessman as he owns a Persian grill restaurant. From the looks of it, Kian has the body and looks to make it big in sexy movies. With a little workshop in acting, he can easily snag sexy roles in indie films. However, Kian says he's still not ready for sexy roles. We'll just have to wait for that, huh?

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