Friday, February 13, 2009

Passenger List of Flight 3407 | Beverly Eckert, Maddy Loftus and many others

Apart from Beverly Eckert and Maddy Loftus, a partial list of the passengers aboard the Continental Airlines Connection Flight 3407 that crashed has been released by airline officials. This list is still incomplete but it should be enough to inform the concerned friends and relatives of those 50 people who did not make it in that accident.

Aside Beverly Eckert who was widow-turned-activist of a 9/11 victim Sean Rooney, Maddy Loftus is a former college hockey player. Maddy was on her to Buffalo to attend the reunion of their college hockey team. Here are the passenger list aboard Flight 3407 that has been identified so far:

Crew members:

  • Capt. Marvin Renslow, pilot of Lutz, Florida
  • Rebecca Shaw, first officer, of Maple Valley, Washington
  • Matilda Quintero, flight attendant.
  • Donna Prisco, flight attendant
  • Capt. Joseph Zuffoletto, off-duty crew member


  • Alison Des Forges of Buffalo - one of the world's leading expert who studied Rwandan war
  • Beverly Eckert of Stamford, Connecticut - widow of Sean Rooney who passed in 9/11 incident.
  • Ellyce Kausner - law student at Florida Coastal School of Law
  • Maddy Loftus of Parsippany, N.J. - Her intention to attend a weekend reunion lead to her untimely demise.
  • Coleman Mellett - Guitarist in Chuck Mangione's jazz band.
  • Gerry Niewood - Saxophonist in Chuck Mangione's jazz band.
  • Carl Yarber of Riverside, California - For several decades, he was a member of several Tampa Bay bands.
  • Jerome Krasuski - 53, was returning home to Cheektowaga with three other colleagues from Northrop Grumman from a one-day business trip.
  • Susan Wehle, cantor at Temple Beth Am, Amherst, was returning home from a vacation in Costa Rica.
  • Don McDonald - Technical manager at Pharmetics, Inc. in Fort Erie for 26 years.
  • Zhaofang Guo - 55, of Amherst, husband of Ping Wang, a researcher at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.
  • Mary "Belle" Pettys - of West Seneca, she was returning to Buffalo area from a business trip to New Jersey. Pettys had spent 25 years working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Western New York
  • David Borner - of Pendleton, who worked for Kraft Foods, was returning from a business trip in New Jersey.
  • Lorin Maurer - 30, of Princeton, N.J. worked for Princeton University's Office of Development Priorities.
  • Jean Srnecz - Senior vice-president of merchandising for book distributer Baker & Taylor, was traveling to the Buffalo area to visit family. She was a gradulate of D'Youville College.
  • Douglas C. Wielinski - 61, an engineer and veteran, was believed to be in the dining room of the family's Clarence Center home when the airplane crashed into their house. Wielinski's wife, Karen, escaped untimely passing by crawling out into the rear end of the house. His daughter, Jill, was blown out of the house, officials said.
  • Clay Yarber - 62, of Riverside, Calif., was originally from Dayton, Ohio, and became a musician after serving in the Vietnam War, according to his ex-wife. He was headed to Buffalo to spend time with a friend.
  • Kevin Johnston, an employee at the Henkel Corp. facility in Buffalo. The plant was closed today in Johnston's honor.
  • John G. Roberts III, 48, a Lewiston native who lived in India, was returning home to visit his family. He had been active in St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Niagara Falls when he had resided in the area.
Here's the latest videos about the Flight 3407 crash in Buffalo where victim's relatives are being interviewed:

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