Friday, February 13, 2009

Ruffa Reveals Her Valentine's Date

After a nasty separation from husband Yilmaz Bektas, Ruffa Gutierrez has been seen dating a new guy in Los Angeles. His name is John Faizad, 30 years old with Polish-Persian-American descent. Faizad stands 6'2, which is just right for Ruffa who towers at 5'10. Although the guy is four years younger than Ruffa, it seems she is happy with dating with him.

This story has been initiated by Ricky Lo in his column in Philippine Star. Lo informed that an acquaintance introduced Ruffa and John in an event in Manila. John, who works in an entertainment consulting firm, could not contain his admiration for the mom of Lorin and Venice that he followed all the way to LA. Lo also revealed that "like Ruffa, he [John] just got out of a seven-year “committed” relationship and is, well, 'searching.' During a dinner with friends at Sky Car on Sunset Boulevard in L.A., John was 'over-protective' toward Ruffa".

What can we say? Everybody deserves to be happy, especially Ruffa who just survived a difficult storm in her personal life after the painful break-up with Yilmaz. Yet, Ruffa should focus more in arranging their divorce so that she can truly be free in finding another mate. Let's watch The Buzz this Sunday because I'm sure Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino will tease her for this. Also, Monday next week is the pilot airing of the newest morning tandem in ABS-CBN, which is Ruffa & Ai. Ruffa is also be seen regularly in I Love Betta La Fea.

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  1. Hilig ni Ruffing sa Arabo sabagay ako din hehehe... Laki kse eh


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