Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens in Scandalous Pilates Workout

Caught unaware as a camera grabbed her doing quite sensuous Pilates pumping on the floor, Vanessa Hudgens gamely performed those Pilates routines without a hitch. Although she's glistening with sweat because of the workout, Vanessa looked hot on those positions that might spark frenzy with those teenage boys who fantasize her in their wildest dreams.
Vanessa Hudgens Pilates Scandal

Here's the video guys.. keep your hands on your lap, ayt? :

Oh well, Vanessa Hudgens is just maintaining her figure because it has been reported that she and Zac Efron are due to be married next year. Gossip-mongers say that Zac already popped the question to Vanessa in Japan last January because Vanessa's mother insisted him on it. Zac and Vanessa has been reported to be living together for awhile and Vanessa's mom is not approved of this idea until both of them are engaged. Well, too bad for you boys, Vanessa is Zac's fag hag... future wife, I mean (according to gossips, that is!).


  1. what's so scandalous about doing pilates/working out? i'm more freaked out that the paps were creepy enough to film her during her work out.

    and vanessa's reps denied the engagement rumors almost a wk ago.

  2. sheesh, the girl can't even work out in peace. tsk.


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