Friday, April 17, 2009

Ashton vs CNN - Ashton Kutcher Won CNN Twitter Race to 1 Million Followers

Actor Ashton Kutcher can now "ding-dong-ditch" CNN's Ted Turner infront of his house! It's official that Ashton Kutcher (asplusk on Twitter) had beaten CNN Breaking News (cnnbrk on Twitter) in his challenge with the news organization of being the first to reach 1 million followers as of 2:13 AM EST! That's really a feat because Ashton is now the first person to have that many followers over the intensely popular microblogging site!
Ashton Kutcher Beat CNN Twitter
Ashton is not the only celebrity who's getting famous with his Twitter account, Oprah Winfrey recently announced that she's getting her first Twitter account! Oprah is also guesting Ashton today Friday on her talkshow who she dubbed as the King of Twitter

Now the question is, what is "ding-dong-ditch"? Ashton Kutcher will do what the person did below to Ted Turner -- watch and learn:


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