Friday, April 17, 2009

Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson Will Give Susan Boyle's First Kiss?

Susan Boyle definitely got the world's attention that American Idol now wants to bring her to the show! Most of all, Susan would seem be getting her first kiss from none other than American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson! Although Simon Cowell already stated that in a USA Today article that "No, I will not be the first person to kiss her." Randy Jackson has a different plan: “I think Simon and I should do a dual kiss on each cheek on Susan Boyle. I'll fly to London with him. We will sit right beside her and kiss her at the same time. We'll do a countdown to the kiss."
Will Susan Boyle be kissed by Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell
The idea of bringing Susan Boyle to America was first cracked by Ryan Seacrest on his Twitter account. Ryan said he'll be pitching the idea to the producers of bringing Susan to American Idol as a musical guest. Will the 47 year old never-been-kissed spinster get her fervent wish of getting kissed? Well, we will all be excited to see that Randy Jackson idea when she comes visit American Idol show anytime soon!

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