Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean Photos – Another Racy Set of Miss California Pictures Unleashed

Miss California Carrie Prejean is getting all the controversy lately as she is not only caught to our face, but her sexy photos unraveling her newly silicone-implanted “you-know-whats” keep on sprouting everywhere. This time, TMZ got these exclusive photos of Carrie Prejean without a blouse on.
Carrie Prejean Pictures TMZ
What a great timing because Donald Trump is set to announce today if she will retain her 1st runner up crown in the Miss USA 2009 Beauty Pageant. Looks like somebody's really losing her crown today. I hope Jesus hears her prayers on this one. 

UPDATE: I guess divine intervention was indeed on her side because Donald Trump decided on for Carrie Prejean to keep her title as Miss USA 2009 first runner up. Perez Hilton is definitely not rejoicing! 

Here’s more of Miss California Carrie Prejean pics:
Photos of Carrie Prejean TMZ
Carrie Prejean and Micheal Phelps Without Implants Yet
(Photos from TMZ and The Dirty)

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