Monday, May 11, 2009

Heart-Shaped Watermelons Cost $160 in Japan

Heart-shaped watermelons are now a hit novelty items in Japan. A farmer from Kumamoto Japan has spent three years to perfect this unusually-shaped watermelons in his farm. Maybe they got bored with the square-shaped and pyramid-shaped watermelons they already had in Japan, that's why Hiroichi Kimura and his wife had come up with this heart-shaped watermelons.
According to Japan Probe, there's only about 20 of these watermelons and they cost 15,750 yen ($160)each. A heart-shaped watermelon may just be a great gift for your vegetarian or fruitarian girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Other than that, I don't seem to see any point buying a $160 worth of fruit you can gobble up, when there's those $1 regular round watermelons you can buy anywhere.

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