Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miley Cyrus: 2009 Worst Celebrity Influence

Hooray for Miley Cyrus! She's got another thorn down her throat after Noah Lindsey appeared in a dominatrix Halloween costume! That's right, Miley Cyrus was crowned as the Worst Celebrity Influence of 2009 on an online poll from AOL. The 16 year old Disney tween queen gained a whopping 42 percent in the poll for AOL's (Just So You Know) website. This site is targeting 9 to 15 year-olds. Miley topped other celebs with "negative vibes" on the youth. Britney Spears is second to Miley, while infamous rapper Kanye West ranked third, respectively. Whoa! These kids really know who they should they look up to, don't they?
Miley Cyrus is Worst Celebrity Influence of 2009
Although no reason whatsoever was given why Miley Cyrus ranked the poorest among the other celebrities in question, reports say that the negative vibes might have come from her dating a 20 year old Justin Gaston or her chinky eyed prank that was all well criticized by the public. editor Stephanie Cohen belives that "Miley is in an interesting space where she is trying to graduate from being 'Hannah Montana' and a Disney channel celebrity and coming into her own and having a career beyond Disney". Maybe it's about time to clean up your act, Miley. Or else, someone's literally gonna snatch up your fame like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

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