Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol Top 12 Who is Voted Off Tonight March 17?

The American Idol Top 12 showed what they got singing Rolling Stones songs. It was apparent that both the guys and the girls stepped up their game last night. Most notable performances were Siobhan Magnus Paint It Black, Crystal Bowersox You Can't Always Get What You Want and Lee Dewyze “Beast of Burden”. Most of them were quite verging on choosing "safe" songs rather than expanding their vocal performance. So, who is going home tonight in American Idol Top 12?
American Idol March 17 Who Will Be Voted Off Top 12
According Dial Idol, they predict that it's Andrew Garcia who will be kicked off in American Idol tonight. Although Dial Idol is not quite sure about their choice, I think it will be a toss between Andrew, Paige Miles or Lacey Brown. Even Aaron Kelly might be in danger of being booted out of American Idol Top 12. In about an hour, we will finally know who's going to be kicked out and stay tuned in this blog to know American Idol Top 12 March 17 results.

Who is Eliiminated in American Idol Tonight March 17

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