Friday, March 12, 2010

Kristoffer Winters: Jeremy Renner Boyfriend?

Is Kristoffer Winters the boyfriend of Jeremy Renner? In big bold letters, a US tabloid today outed The Hurt Locker star and Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner as gay. The National Enquirer released quite a juicy rumor today that Jeremy Renner is not quite a 'straight' man because everybody close to the actor knows he's not closeted. Yet, the 39 year old actor prefers to remain mum about the subject of his sexual preference out of Hollywood press' radar.
Kristoffer Winters Jeremy Renner Boyfriend
However, a seemed-to-be harmless LA Times classified ad gave validation to the tabloid's contention. The ad proudly declared that:
Actors Jeremy Renner, who played the leader of an explosives disposal unit in the critically acclaimed film "The Hurt Locker," and co-investor Kristoffer Winters found a buyer for their restored 1924 Greek Revival in the Hollywood Hills area after five months on the market.

If you didn't know, Kristoffer Winters is an actor too who appeared in TV series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and he has a minor role in The Hurt Locker too! Whoa! What do you think of two Hollywood actors in their mid-30s doing more than selling a house together as “co-investors”? Your guess might be good as mine. Looks like National Enquirer got a good scoop this time. For Jeremy, there's nothing wrong being gay so there's not much damage on his rising career.

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