Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danny Gokey is Out! It's Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert in the American Idol Finals Next Week!

After 88 million votes yesterday, Danny Gokey has finally given his goodbye kiss in American Idol Season 8. So next week it is we will see Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in the American Idol Top 2 Final Showdown for 2009! American Idol is really heating up and I don't know what will happen next week - I guess Kris is giving Adam a good fight. Oh they're former roommates and I guess they won't be mean to each other then... haha!
Danny Gokey Voted Off May 13
See Danny Gokey May 13 voted off video below.

After winning a coin toss, Kris Allen has the option to choose to go first or last. Of course, Kris prefers Adam Lambert to go first. So we'll see Adam Lambert performing first on May 19!

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