Friday, May 15, 2009

TR Knight Leaving Grey's Anatomy - Season Finale Spoilers

George O'Malley, the role played by actor T.R. Knight, is certainly leaving Grey's Anatomy as his character is seen to be enlisting to fill a job as a trauma surgeon bound for Iraq. Yet, the mild-mannered O'Malley never made it as he was struck by a bus saving an unknown woman by its path. That's a clincher that it's the last time we'll see T.R. Knight - in Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale.
TR Knight Leaving Greys Anatomy
It seems that T.R. Knight has been unhappy about the show, since way back the time when an anti-gay slur was allegedly made to him by former Grey's co-star Isaiah Washington. It appears that Grey's Anatomy took so long to condemn Washington's behavior that T.R. Knight felt bad and he wants out of his contract in the series to move on. Other Grey's Anatomy spoilers is that Izzie, role played by Katherine Heigl, comes also in jeopardy after her brain tumor surgery. Heigl is also widely rumored to leave the show to concentrate into movies. In the end, viewers question what will be in store for them in Grey's Anatomy Season 6?
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