Friday, November 14, 2008

Sexy Piolo in "Land Down Under"

Although the movie has no definite playdate yet, the promos for the Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual starrer "Land Down Under" has been going on since August this year.

The press has been making it a fuss of whether Angel or Piolo had a dangerous experience doing horseback-riding scenes for the movie in Bukidnon. Anyway, the movie has not finished its shooting yet -- they still have ten more days to shoot in Australia in the coming days. The movie is produced by Star Cinema and is being directed by Rory Quintos.

In a recent interview, Piolo assured the press that there will be steamy love scenes. Although the film will not be too crassly sleazy knowing Star Cinema's standards, Piolo quipped that his role in the movie is his most daring yet. Of course, the yada-yada of their difficulties in the film shooting are still the meat of discussion. Like he went to train for horseback-riding under Vic Barba and actress-equestrienne Mikee Cojuangco, hello? Spare us the whining because that's the reason you're overpaid so you could bring justice to the role.

So this will be your sexiest role yet huh? Well, let's give Piolo the top five things he should never say when doing love scenes with Angel Locsin for this movie...

5.) Alam mo, kasingtaba mo na si Juday dati... Yung di pa sya nafi-Fitrum.

4.) Naku, day.. Mas magaling pa makigpaghalikan si Erik Santos sa'yo...

3.) YUL lick me here, YUL lick me there...

2.) (Breaks into a song) "You are so beautiful girl... Kaya pa-relax ka lang. Dito na sa Speed babad, Speed babad. Worry mo ay oveeeeer!"

And the top thing that Piolo should not say when doing a love scene for this movie is.....

1.) (Taking cue from Kirsten Dunst in the movie "Interview with the Vampire")

I want SAM more...


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  1. Thanks for sharing the same. Appreciated and expect more.



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