Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Didi Benami "Playing With Fire" American Idol Top 12 March 16

Didi Benami is quite confident that she will do well in Rolling Stones night. However, her mom usually is nervous viewing her get carry out her song choices. Singing "Playing With Fire", Didi Benami didn't bring her guitar with her. The rhythm of her song is quite skewed unfavorably, though she ended fine.
Didi Benami Playing With Fire American Idol Top 12 March 16
Obviously, Didi Benami looks upset with her performance in the American Idol Top 12. Inexplicably, Randy liked her performance by saying it's one of the greatest performances of the night. Ellen noticed that she lost her way but found her way back inside the song. Kara liked how Didi push on her vocals and liked her "intensity". Simon claims that she is beginning to demonstrate us the type of artist she will become. He thought Didi had been going to drop it. Which is what nerves will do to her. Solid, but not a brilliant performance. Watch Didi Benami's performance video of "Playing With Fire" in American Idol Top 12 night:

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